Audubon Core Values

  • Action - A hallmark of our conservation work is decisive, innovative and effective action based on thoughtful and thorough planning for the sustainability of our planet and all its inhabitants.
  • Collaboration - Because collective and collaborative relationships and teamwork are critical to our success, we forge strong and lasting partnerships to achieve our goals.
  • Commitment - We are driven to achieve our mission by a shared love and respect for birds and other wildlife and nature itself; by the knowledge that healthy, sustainable ecosystems are essential to health and quality of life of all peoples; and by our faith in the power of action guided by sound science.
  • Diversity - We strive to mirror the diversity of nature and of our modern world.  Just as diversity strengthens natural systems, the diversity of human experiences, traditions and viewpoints can strengthen our conservation efforts for the benefit of nature and of all peoples.
  • Integrity - We strive to create and are committed to a culture of openness and trust.  We hold ourselves accountable to achieve tangible and measureable results, reflecting the highest ethical and financial standards.
  • Optimism - We are solution oriented.  We seek to advance answers rather than questions, and to achieve solutions through consensus instead of conflict; provided that all lead to a healthier, more sustainable world.  We have the commitment and the knowledge to succeed--and we are confident that we will.
  • Respect - We value the roles and opinions of our volunteers, chapters, donors, co-workers, and those with whom we disagree; we reflect this respect through effective dialogue, transparency, and collaboration.