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6/9/13  Fox & Friends Audubon's Patrick Comins on Toyota TogetherGreen's Exit the Highway

6/5/13  Portland TV News Audubon Treats Bald Eagle for Lead Poisoning

6/3/13  New York Social Diary photos from Audubon's Rachel Carson Awards

6/2/2013  AP Atlantic puffins in peril in US  Audubon's Steve Kress describes perils  

5/29/13 WNYC  Allison Rockefeller & Lynda Johnson Robb talk with Brian Lehrer: Rachel Carson Awards

5/27/13  CBS Sunday Morning  Birdwatchers Answer The Call of the Wild

5/24/13 Huffington Post  Dr. Stephen Kress: The Legacy of Rachel Carson

5/18/13  Miami Herald   "We're concerned,'' said Eric Draper, executive director of Audubon Florida, which owns Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, a pristine 14,000-acre preserve near Hughes' Immokalee well. "We're going to pay careful attention..."

5/9/13  National Journal Audubon President David Yarnold comments on GOP Response to Climate Change

5/2/13   Columbia Journalism Review   Reinventing Audubon

4/29/13 Magazine Industry News    Mark Jannot Named Audubon VP Content

4/22/13  Mother Nature Network Audubon Osprey Cam streams live from Maine

4/22/13 Sun Sentinel  Earth Day Op Ed by Eric Draper, Executive Director,  Audubon Florida 

4/19/13 The New York Times What Do The Birders Know?

4/15/13 Seattle Times  Audubon's Geoff LeBaron comments on robins shift per Climate Change

4/10/13  Los Angeles East Sider Hummingbird Watching Goes High Tech

4/3/13  National Geographic Garry George, renewable energy director of Audubon California, on Golden Eagles and Wind Energy

3/21/13  Sun Herald  Pelicans Steal Show at Audubon ceremony in Mississippi

3/18/13 The Wall St. Journal Audubon's Hog Island Camp: summer camp for adults 

3/13/13  Associated Press Geoff LeBaron, Director of Audubon's Christmas Bird Count, describes owl irruption.

3/13/13  Arizona Daily Star  Tucson, A truly bird-friendly city

3/5/13 CNN  BP Trial outcome "will send a signal about how serious this country is about enforcing its common-sense rules that guarantee clean air and waters."

3/2013  Smithsonian magazine:How Two Women Ended the Deadly Feather Trade

2/28/13 Reuters Audubon President David Yarnold said Shell had "come to its senses," since drilling amid ice floes near nurseries of threatened wildlife was not "smart or safe."

2/26/13  Al Jezeera  Brian Moore, legislative director for Audubon, comments on BP trial. 

2/25/13  Associated Press video  Audubon's Melanie Driscoll speaks out at BP Trial.   

2/20/13 Video Audubon President David Yarnold and Patrick Comins, Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon CT, talk about our work. 

2/13/13 National Geographic News  David Yarnold: "Smarter standards for coal-fired power plants are the quickest path to a cleaner future, and the president can make that happen right now."

2/12/13  The Hill After telling the world that he intends to "respond to the threat of climate change," President Obama set high expectations for his upcoming State of the Union address;" writes Audubon President David Yarnold; "Here are three significant steps to watch for...."

2/6/13  The Los Angeles Times   Debs Park's Audubon Center featured. 

2/6/13 The Los Angeles Times  Audubon's Mike Daulton praises Obama's choice of Sally Jewell for Interior Secretary

2/3/13 NPR All Things Considered Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, a haven for wood stork in Florida.

2/1/13  Living On Earth Radio   Paul Zeph, Director of Conservation for Audubon Pennsylvania, speaks up for bird habitat threatened by fracking.

1/29/13 The Huffington Post David Yarnold: Green Groups Must Embrace Latinos' Concern for Environment

1/29/13 Science News Cats Kill More than One Billion Birds A Year

1/28/13 The San Francisco Chronicle  Altamont Pass turbines kill fewer birds

1/23/13 New York Social Diary   Scroll down for feature coverage of Audubon Medal event

1/20/13 The New York Times  Audubon event featured in Bill Cunningham's Evening Hours

1/18/13 The New York Times  Dances With Cranes

1/16/13  The Wall Street Journal   Birds of a Feather Honored in Environmental Award

1/13/13 The Palm Beach Post South Florida bird count finds wood stork in 'unprecedented decline.'

1/10/13  Grist  Shell probably Spilled fuel in an Important Bird Area, of course

1/9/13 The Los Angeles Times Audubon Alaska's maps of Important Bird Areas feature in Alaska oil rig's lifeboats may have leaked fuel, Coast Guard says.

1/6/13 The New York Times Audubon's Dr. Paul Kemp, VP for Gulf Coast Initiative, advises New York drawing from Katrina experience.  

1/6/13 The Baton Rouge Advocate Editorial Bird Count Helps Nature

1/4/13  NPR Morning Edition Audubon's Director of the Christmas Bird Count, Geoff LeBaron, talks about how data are gathered by volunteers across the country in this annual holiday tradition.  

1/3/13  USA TODAY  The civil case against BP "is where fairness will be found - or lost," said Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold, commenting on Transocean settlement.

12/29/12  San Jose Mercury News San Jose Birders Join Thousands Around the Country

12/29/12 Los Angeles Times Audubon birders find habitat cleared by Army Corps.

12/26/12 New York Times Every Bird Counts, But Some Make the Heart Beat Faster

12/26/12 The Dallas Morning News Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center Participates in Annual Bird Count 

12/23/12 Associated Press Audubon Count Gives Scientists Climate Clues 

12/21/12 NPR Science Friday   Dr. Gary Langham, Audubon chief scientist, challenges listeners to go birding with a young friend.

12/21/12 Huffington Post The Christmas Bird Count in Central Park

12/19/12 National Geographic Audubon's Patrick Comins sets the facts straight on raptor attack video hoax. 

12/16/12  San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area Birders Rally for Audubon's annual count.

12/14/12  CNN  Steve Kress says Razorbill invasion in Florida caused by Climate Change.

11/23/12 The Miami Herald + 23 other papers across the USA Audubon President: It's time to tackle urgent conservation, environmental issues

11/19/12  Mother Jones Audubon Chief Scientist Dr. Gary Langham: Thanksgiving affected by Climate Change

11/16/12  The New York Times BP Will Plead Guilty and Pay Over $4 Billion Audubon President David Yarnold says record settlement "matches the unprecedented offense BP committed. But BP needs to compensate the Gulf Coast in the form of civil damages. The rule has to be: You break it, you buy it."

11/12/12 The New York Times Audubon Chief Scientist Dr. Gary Langham talks to Natalie Angier about birds and superstorm Sandy 

11/7/12  Slate Audubon's Dr. Steve Kress: Puffin Charmer

11/6/12  Reuters Audubon CEO on superstorm Sandy and real leadership

10/24/12  KCET The Secret World of Birders features the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society

10/24/12  Forbes Both Obama And Romney Are Leaving Votes On The Table, guest post by Audubon president & CEO David Yarnold

10/22/12 The New York Times  Q&A: Back to the Future With Environmental Bipartisanship David Yarnold: "What we have here is yet one more issue where the American people are out ahead of their leaders."

10/16/12 The Miami Herald Conservation Doesn't Have A Party Op Ed by David Yarnold appeared in newspapers across the country. 

10/10/12 New York Times TogetherGreen project in Guarding the Sheep To Save the Wolves

10/2/12  POLITICO The Real Dangers of Arctic Drilling

9/21/12  Living On Earth   Audubon senior field editor Frank Graham talks about Rachel Carson legacy on 50th anniversary of Silent Spring publication.

9/9/12  Philadelphia Inquirer Front page story by Sandy Bauers features Audubon Pennsylvania initiative to protect migrating birds from blinding lights during migration.

8/24/12  Associated Press Conservation groups welcome a federal report spelling out how sage grouse should be managed in 11 Western states; Audubon's Brian Rutledge explains why.

8/20/12   Scientific American "These first-ever federal guidelines are a game-changer and big win for both wildlife and clean energy," said David Yarnold. "By collaborating with conservationists instead of slugging it out, the wind power industry gains vital support to expand and create jobs, and wildlife gets the protection crucial for survival."

8/13/12   ABC News Salazar plan shows shows that Americans can protect nature on lands designated for energy production: Audubon President & CEO David Yarnold.

8/10/2012  Portland Press Herald Hog Island, Maine: Taking a camp steeped with history and making it a valuable spot to join with nature again.

8/9/12     WCBS News Radio: Peter Greenberg recommends a Road Trip to Audubon Centers 

7/30/12    Miami Herald: Shell Oil puts Arctic Wildlife at Risk; Audubon President & CEO David Yarnold's Op Ed on Arctic drilling. 

7/9/12      New York Times Green Blog: Green Groups Plan Legal Challenge to Arctic Drilling; Audubon and 9 other environmental organizations file suit against Interior Department's approval of Shell's Arctic drilling plans. 

7/6/12      Times Picayune, New Orleans: Obama signs transportation bill heralded as 'triple win' for Louisiana; David Yarnold says bill 'the biggest conservation funding victory Congress has ever delivered.'"

7/5/12      USA TodayGulf Coast states prepare to spend billions in fine money; 'It's a monumental law,' Brian Moore, legislative director at Audubon, said of the RESTORE Act.

6/27/12    Associated Press: Remote Maine puffin colony up close on HD web cam; Audubon and introduce live Puffin burrow and loafing ledge cams. 

6/3/12      New York Times: Arctic Oil: Two Perspectives; Audubon President & CEO David Yarnold's letter to the editor on Arctic drilling.

5/23/12    Philadelphia Enquirer: Birds blinded by the light of Philly's glass-clad buildings; Audubon Pennsylvania protects birds from colliding with lighted skyscrapers. 

4/1/12     Chronicle of Philanthropy: Audubon Hopes Unifying Chapters Can Make Conservation Last; Under the leadership of David Yarnold, Audubon builds fundraising, program, and marketing connections across regions.

3/26/12    Huffington Post Green: New Guidelines a Step Forward for Bird-Friendly Wind Development; Audubon President & CEO David Yarnold's op ed on wind guidelines. 

3/23/12    Associated Press: New wind power guidelines are for the birds; "David Yarnold, president & CEO of Audubon, called the guidelines a good compromise that reflects years of consultation with interested groups, including environmental groups."

3/5/12     The Advocate, Baton Rouge: Preserving Paradise 30,000 acres added to Maurepas Wildlife Area; "The tract is a 'continentally important' bird area, said Melanie Driscoll, the Audubon Society's director of bird conservation for the Mississippi Flyway."

2/13/12    The Boston Globe: Puffins: It's better in Bermuda; Project Puffin uses geolocators to unlock secrets of Puffin migration. 

1/3/12      New York Times Dot Earth Blog: Crowd-Sourced Science, 112 Years and Counting; Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold shares a "postcard" from the 122th Christmas Bird Count.  

12/26/11  Chicago Tribune: Christmastime is for the birds -- and birders;

11/24/11  APM Marketplace     Audubon Society hopes to fly high with rebrand

11/1/11    New York Times Green Blog: For Bird Lovers, a Race to the Finish;  Birding the Net reaches new audiences and grows social media following. 

8/8/11     Huffington Post Green Blog: Hitting the Sweat Ceiling; Audubon President & CEO David Yarnold's op ed on EPA cuts.