Audubon Spokespeople

Audubon has hundreds of outstanding men and women across the country who can address current issues with the press. Click on a name to read full Bio and see Contact Info to request an interview. 

David Yarnold
President & CEO of Audubon

Chris Canfield
VP Gulf of Mexico Conservation and Restoration

Mike Daulton
Vice President, Government Relations & Director of National Programs

Melanie Driscoll
Director of Bird Conservation, Louisiana Coastal Initiative

Dr. Steve Kress
Vice President, Bird Conservation Director, Seabird Restoration Program

Dr. Gary Langham
Audubon Chief Scientist

Geoff LeBaron
Christmas Bird Count Director

Brian Rutledge
Executive Director, Audubon WY

Glenn Olson
Donal O'Brien Chair in Bird Conservation through Advocacy & Public Policy

John Beavers
Director of International Alliances