Audubon's Strategic Plan

In 2012, Audubon adopted a new strategic plan with the goal of focusing and aligning the Audubon network to meet today's unprecedented environmental challanges. Reflecting the expertise and input of staff, Chapters, board members, and other volunteers and partners, this "Roadmap for Hemispheric Conservation" will enable Audubon to deliver conservation impact at scale.

Audubon's Strategic Plan brings new focus and discipline to our work. It clarifies our goals, and harnesses all of the parts of the unsurpassed Audubon Network - staff, Chapters, Centers, partners to achieve them. It identifies the priority bird species of greatest conservation needs, and the projects that will foster a healthy and sustainable future for them.

Conservation Strategies

Audubon will maximize our conservation results by focusing on five strategies critical for birds:

  • Putting working lands to work for birds & people
  • Sharing our seas and shores
  • Saving Important Bird Areas
  • Shaping a healthy climate and clean energy future
  • Creating bird-friendly communities.

How we work

Flyways Alignment

We will align our work along the four flyways of the Americas--Atlantic, Mississippi, Central and Pacific. By connecting the Audubon network all along each of these migratory pathways for birds, we can weave a seamless web of conservation for both migratory and non-migratory species.  And by coordinating resources and expertise, we can increase our efficiency across the network.

Broader Engagement

By engaging a broader and more diverse audience in our work, Audubon will meet the complex challenges facing birds.  No other conservation organization has our wingspan, from the grassroots to the grasstops.

To learn more, download the complete plan below.