Brian Rutledge, Executive Director, Audubon WY

Brian Rutledge, Executive Director, Audubon WY

As Executive Director of Audubon Wyoming, Brian Rutledge is dedicated to protecting Greater Sage-grouse and the sagebrush ecosystem that is part of our country's great natural heritage. In his role as a member of the Governor's Sage-grouse Implementation Task Force, Brian helped Wyoming Governor Freudenthal draft and initiate the Sage-grouse Core Area Program, directing state agencies in the Cowboy State to conserve key breeding areas for this dwindling species. He is currently working with the Department of the Interior, Congress and the Tribes of the Wind River Reservation to seek a balance between the protection of our wildlife and the responsible development of renewable energy resources in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West.

Brian brings a wealth of knowledge of non-profit organizations and conservation to the Audubon team. He served for five years as the President/Chief Executive Officer of Zoo New England and was Executive Director of the Maryland Zoological Society for thirteen years. He has designed and developed entertaining and exciting exhibits, interpretive graphics, and innovative, interactive devices for the general public. For many years, Brian and his wife Kathleen have made their permanent home on the Front Range of the Rockies. Fascination with cutting horses, sled dogs and cattle has melded well with their love of the outdoors.

He has served as an instructor and interpreter since childhood, leading Eco-tours to many corners of the globe, including wildlife safaris in Africa. Recent accomplishments include the issuance of an Executive Order by the Governor of Wyoming Dave Freudenthal. The role of Audubon Science and Advocacy was critical in the design and negotiation of this landmark order. Rutledge has experience on-camera and has been interviewed for many major publications and broadcasts.



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