American Crow. Photo: Andrew Zuckerman

A New Look; A New Wealth of Beautiful Bird Photos

It's the annual Audubon photography awards issue! We've got the winners, plus some amazing stories—on the not-so-glorious quest for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker in Cuba, and the astonishing migration and struggle of Red Knots across the hemisphere. See it all in full here, or read on for more longform narrative and recurring columns from Audubon.

The Burning Man of Birding: Inside Iceland's Puffin Festival

For decades Icelanders have celebrated the Atlantic Puffin even while they've served it up on plates. But some traditions can't last forever.

Atlantic Puffin. Photo: Tristan Spinski

Can We Learn to Handle the Heat of Forest Fires?

With climate change turning up the temperature and the state in a four-year drought, wildfires are scorching California like never before. In the “nuke zone” scientists are looking for clues to how forests cope.

Photo: Ken Etzel

The 2015 Audubon Photography Awards

See the winners, scout great gear, and learn why you shouldn't get too close to the wildlife.

Great Egret. Photo: Melissa Groo/Audubon Photography Awards

Building a Modern Ark

Joel Sartore wants a close-up of every captive species on earth—as many as 12,000 animals—before it's too late. Explore an interactive grid of some of the photos in the Photo Ark. 

Photos: Joel Sartore

September-October 2014

The Birds & Climate Change Special Issue

Audubon devoted an entire issue to the challenges birds face in a warming world, based on our scientific report

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