Green Spaces: Greenwich

Green Spaces Greenwich

Built in 2003, the Kimberlin Nature Education Center at Audubon Greenwich proves just how versatile and beautiful reclaimed materials can be. With its recycled fiberglass window frames, recycled steel beams, and recycled paper insulation, this green center makes sure that nothing goes to waste.

The Kimberlin Center's most unique feature, however, is its geothermal heating and cooling system. A liquid similar to antifreeze is pumped through underground pipes, where liquid colder than 54 degrees is warmed and liquid hotter than 54 degrees is cooled. The liquid then passes through the building, where it heats or cools as needed. By taking advantage of the earth's natural, constant temperature, Audubon Greenwich saves money and significantly decreases the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.

The Kimberlin Nature Education Center incorporates a number of other green design features, including:

  • Flooring, shingles and lumber from sources that use certified conservation forestry practices
  • Gravel or crushed stone paving that allows rainwater to infiltrate and recharge groundwater
  • Recycled gypsum wallboard
  • Outdoor decks constructed of recycled plastic

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