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Beth Bardwell

New Mexico IBAs by Type

IBA Priority Number Acres
Global 4 2,596,846
State 59 2,252,824
Total 63 4,849,670

Audubon New Mexico's Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program began in 1999 and has made progress in the identification of sites and the publication of site descriptions on the New Mexico Audubon web site. Throughout New Mexico, 62 Important Bird Areas have been identified, and additional nominations are being accepted (instructions and forms available at http://nm.audubon.org/NM_birding/iba/iba.html). Analysis of IBAs has indicated gaps along the major rivers of the state, so nomination of sites along the Rio Grande, Gila, and Canadian Rivers are especially encouraged. Nominated sites are reviewed by a seven person technical committee and once identified, the program works with nominators and landowners to develop and implement conservation and monitoring plans. New Mexico contains four Bird Conservation Regions (BCRs): Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahuan Desert, Southern Rocky Mountains, and Shortgrass Prairie. These are used by 375 species on a regular basis (the state has recorded 516 species). Another 140 species are irregular in occurrence or vagrants. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and New Mexico Partners in Flight have prioritized 139 species as Threatened, Endangered, or otherwise of conservation concern. The state also has large concentrations of waterfowl at sites along the rivers, including two potentially global IBAs at Bosque del Apache NWR and Bitter Lake NWR.

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Animas Mountains

Laguna Grande Complex

Bandelier National Monument

Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

Bisti/ De-Na-Zin Wilderness

Los Luceros

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Lower Gila Box

Blackrock and Nutria Lakes

Lower Rio Grande Bosques

Boone's Draw

Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

Melrose Migrant Trap

Bosque Redondo

Mimbres River

Brantley Lake State Park

Morgan Lake

Burford Lake

NM Lesser-Prairie Chicken Complex

Caja del Rio

NMDG&F Lesser Prairie-Chicken Areas

Callabacillas Arroyo

Otero Mesa

Capilla Peak

Otero/Cedro Canyons

Carlsbad Caverns Natural Entrance

Penasco Canyon

Chama River Gorge and Golondrina Mesa

Percha SP/Caballo Lake SP/Las Palomas

Clanton Canyon

Perico Creek on the Kiowa

Clayton Lake State Park

Phantom Banks

Clovis Playas

Randall Davey Audubon Center/TNC Santa Fe Preserve

Corrales Bosque Preserve

Rattlesnake Springs/ Washington Ranch

Delaware River

Rinconada Basin

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Rio Grande Nature Center

Emory Pass

Ruby Ranch

Estancia Valley

San Andres National Wildlife Refuge

Gila Bird Area

Sauz Creek

Gila-Cliff Area

Six-Mile Dam

Gray Ranch Grasslands

Sugarite Canyon State Park

Grulla NWR

Tajique/Perra Canyons

Guadalupe Canyon

Upper Rio Grande Gorge

Holloman Lakes

Valles Caldera/Jemez Mountains

Hondo Valley

Wagon Mound WMA

Kirtland Air Force Base


Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex


Ladder Ranch


Site Namesort descending Status Priority Counties IBA Criteria
Bandelier National Monument Recognized State D1, D4i
Bisti/ De-Na-Zin Wilderness Recognized State San Juan D3
Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge Recognized Global D1, D4i, D4ii, D4iii
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Recognized Global D1, D4ii, D4iii, D5
Bosque Redondo Recognized State D1
Brantley Lake State Park Recognized State Eddy D4ii, D4iii
Burford Lake Recognized State D1, D4ii
Caja del Rio Recognized State D1, D3
Callabacillas Arroyo Recognized State D1
Carlsbad Caverns Natural Entrance Recognized State Eddy D1, D3, D5
Chama River Gorge and Golondrina Mesa Recognized State D1
Clanton Canyon Recognized State Hidalgo D1
Clayton Lake State Park Recognized State Union D1, D4ii
Clovis Playas Recognized State Curry D4ii, D4v
Corrales Bosque Preserve Recognized State
Delaware River Recognized State Eddy D1
Elephant Butte Lake State Park Recognized State Sierra D4ii, D4v
Estancia Valley Recognized State D1, D4i
Gila Bird Area Recognized State Grant D1, D3, D5
Gila-Cliff Area Recognized State Grant D1, D3, D5


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