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Bob Sallinger

Oregon IBAs by Type

IBA Priority Number Acres
Global 13 1,615,426
State 82 2,087,340
Total 95 3,702,766

The Audubon Society of Portland initiated the Oregon Important Bird Area (IBA) program in 2002 to identify the sites in our state most important to bird conservation, and to promote the continuation, restoration, or improvement of avian values at these sites through scientific monitoring, education, and appropriate public or private approaches to protection. The rapidly declining availability of many critical habitats for birds in Oregon makes proactive conservation essential. Oregon hosts a bird list of 486 species, ranking about fifth in the nation for species richness. Fostering this diversity are all four of the world's major terrestrial biomes: alpine, desert, grassland, and forest, as well as over 300 miles of coastline bordering a tremendously productive region of the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Some species for which Oregon is well known are the Harlequin Duck, Marbled Murrelet, Spotted Owl, Wrentit, and Hermit Warbler. Goals for the Oregon IBA Program include: 1) Identifying sites in Oregon most important to avian conservation, 2) Increasing local awareness of sites and their importance, 3) Assembling a team of 'friends' to adopt public sites, 4) Initiating volunteer avian and habitat monitoring at most sites, 5) Promoting management and conservation measures that maintain avian values, and 6) Mobilizing resources so that landowners and managers are able to maintain avian values. Beginning in 2002, the Audubon Society of Portland assembled a Technical Advisory Committee of scientists and wildlife professionals, and contracted wildlife ecologist Matt Hunter to coordinate the IBA program. By January 2004, the Technical Advisory Committee selected 100 of over 200 nominated sites for IBA status and continues to review other potential sites. The IBA website (www.oregoniba.org) lists the sites, reports on activities thus far, documents avian values, and helps coordinate monitoring and conservation efforts at each site. Going forward, the Oregon IBA Program will take a lead role in implementing monitoring programs for key species, developing conservation plans, and initiating conservation partnerships at many of the IBAs.

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Alsea Bay

Oregon Canyon and Trout Creek Mountains

Alvord Lake and Basin

Oregon Caves National Monument/Bigelow Lakes

Anderson Butte--Sterling Ditch

Orford Reef

Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

Quartzville National Wild and Scenic River

Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Redfish Rocks

Baskett Slough NWR (+ Livermore Rd.)

Ross Island/Oaks Bottom

Beta Drive Dunlin Roost

Saddle Mountain State Natural Area

Bird Rocks NWR

Salmon River Estuary

Blanco Reef

Sauvie Island

Boardman Grasslands

Siletz Bay

Bonney Butte

Siltcoos Estuary

Cape Blanco Nearshore Ocean

Siltcoos Lake

Cape Meares Marbled Murrelet

Silver Falls State Park

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Silvies River Floodplain

China Gulch

Siskiyou Crest

Clatsop Beaches

Siuslaw River Estuary

Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge

Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area

Columbia River Estuary

Steens Mountain

Coos Estuary

Summer Lake WMA

Coquille Point Rocks

Sutton Beach

Coquille Valley

Sycan Marsh and Forest

Cow and Batch Lakes

Table Rocks

Davis Lake

Tahkenitch Creek Estuary

Denman Wildlife Management Area

Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge

E. E. Wilson Wildlife Management Area

Tillamook Bay

East Sand Island

Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge

Elk River

Two Arches Rock NWR

Elliott State Forest

Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge

Fern Ridge Reservoir Wildlife Area

Umpqua River Estuary

Fernhill Wetland

Upper 12 Mile Creek

Goat Island NWR

Upper Klamath Lake NWR

Goose Lake (and Garrett Ranch)

Upper Twomile Creek on Battle Mountain

Government Island

Wallowa Mountains

Green Ridge

Warner Basin

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Whalehead Island NWR

Heceta Bank

Whetstone Savanna

Heceta Valley, Cape Blanco

Whitehorse County Park

Horse Creek Meadow Wildlife Area

Wickiup Reservoir

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge

Killin Wetland

Yaquina Bay

Klamath Canyon

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Zumwalt Prarie

Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area


Lake Abert


Lewis & Clark and Julie Butler Hansen National Wildlife Refuges


Little Deschutes River/Crescent Creek


Mack Reef


Malheur National Wildlife Refuge


Marbled Murrelet IBA


Mount Pisgah (Howard Buford Recreation Area)


Mud Slough Wetland


Necanicum Estuary


Nestucca Bay NWR


Netarts Bay


New River


Site Namesort descending Status Priority Counties IBA Criteria
Alsea Bay Recognized State Lincoln D4ii, D4iv, D4v
Alvord Lake and Basin Recognized State Harney D4i, D4ii, D4v
Anderson Butte--Sterling Ditch Recognized State Jackson D3
Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge Recognized State Marion D4ii, D4v
Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge Recognized State Coos D4i, D4v
Baskett Slough NWR (+ Livermore Rd.) Recognized State Polk D4ii
Beta Drive Dunlin Roost Identified State Linn
Bird Rocks NWR Recognized State Clatsop D4i, D4iv
Blanco Reef Recognized State Curry D4i, D4iv
Boardman Grasslands Recognized State Morrow D1, D3, D4i
Bonney Butte Recognized State Hood River D4vi
Cape Blanco Nearshore Ocean Recognized Global Curry D4iv
Cape Meares Marbled Murrelet Identified Global
Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Recognized State Jackson D3
China Gulch Recognized State Jackson D3
Clatsop Beaches Recognized State Clatsop D4i, D4v
Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge Recognized State Umatilla D4ii, D4v
Columbia River Estuary Recognized State Clatsop
Coos Estuary Recognized State Coos
Coquille Point Rocks Recognized State Coos D4i, D4iv


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