Important Bird Areas

Tawas Point State Park


This narrow sandy peninsula separates Tawas Bay from Lake Huron and acts as a funnel for migrating birds in both directions. Monarch butterflies congregate on this point in mid-August.

Ornithological Summary

Concentration of Red-breasted Merganser (Avg. No./Period = 3,250, with maximum = 5,000, during 1992,1994 fall migration). Important corridor for migrating passerine birds in spring as well as for many species of shorebirds and waterfowl. 297 species have been seen here.

Conservation Issues

Disturbance of roosting birds at tip of Tawas Point due to kite surfers is a major threat. Efforts should be taken to encourage avoidance of this area during May-August, especially in light of recent nesting attempts of Piping Plover.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources


Mixed woods, shrub/scrub, lake, herbaceous vegetation.

Land Use

recreation/tourism, wildlife conservation/research