Melanie Driscoll, Director of Bird Conservation, Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Flyway

Melanie Driscoll, Director of Bird Conservation, Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Flyway
Kim Hubbard/Audubon magazine

Melanie Driscoll is the National Audubon Society's director of bird conservation for the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Flyway. In 2010, Melanie was a vital leader in Audubon's response to BP's Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, working with various partners in charge of rescuing wildlife affected by the spill, coordinating volunteer efforts, and a speaking with a strong, credible voice to media and the public.

She continues to spearhead the identification and prioritization of conservation sites along the coast and flyway, plus designing and implement scientifically rigorous conservation plans. Melanie Driscoll also leads a team of Important Bird Area (IBA) coordinators in the region, part of a global effort to  evaluate threats and conservation opportunities. 

Melanie has been involved in bird conservation in the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River region since 2006, first as the Important Bird Areas coordinator for Louisiana, and then as director of bird conservation for Audubon's Louisiana Coastal Initiative, starting in 2008. In Louisiana, she implemented the Important Bird Areas program, from site identification to conservation planning and the development of site support groups working on restoration efforts at key IBAs.

Before joining Audubon, Melanie worked for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the USGS Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and as a community forestry extension agent in Thailand, through the Peace Corps. There she initiated the planting of 110,000 trees in a deforested land settlement, led several environmental training projects and taught ecology and conservation to high school students. She holds a master of science from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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