A Gazillion Reasons Migratory Birds Rock

In honor of International Migratory Bird Day this weekend we’ve rounded up gobs of good reads about these incredible long-distance travelers.

Mother's Day is this weekend (psst...if you forgot to buy a present, a (symbolic) bird adoption makes a lovely gift), and so is International Migratory Bird Day. We've pulled together a collection of our favorite stories, quizzes, and tidbits about these astonishing long-distance fliers, plus one fabulous osprey nest cam. If you're looking to get outside, check out the story about spotting migratory birds, or contact Audubon near you for events.


Migrating Songbirds Are All Around You. Here's How to Spot Them

Forget traveling to a migration hotspot. Right now it's easy to see small migratory songbirds no matter where you live. Read more.


Osprey Nest Cam

Rachel and Steve, an Osprey couple on Maine's Hog Island, are waiting for their two eggs to hatch. Steve's a doting family man that brings home fish to Rachel, and then takes a turn incubating the eggs while she flies to a nearby perch to eat. Aw. Watch the drama unfold live via Audubon's hidden camera here.


9 Awesome Facts About Bird Migration

Find out which species flies highest on its bi-annual trek, which travels the farthest, and more. Read more.


Unlocking Migration's Secrets

For centuries the study of bird migration has been riddled with mystery and unanswered questions: Where do birds go in winter? How far do they fly? Can they navigate a hurricane? Scientists are tapping new technologies to find the answers, and transforming everything we know—or think we know—about birds. Read more.


Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Migration?

Test your knowledge here.


Why Do Birds Matter?

We asked a variety of avian enthusiasts why birds matter. Hollywood director Wes Craven gave his two cents, as did field guide author David Sibley, activist Bill McKibben, authors Barbara Kingsolver and Terry Tempest Williams, and so many more—including Audubon staff and members from around the country. We want to hear from you, too. Read more.


Eavesdropping on Birds that Migrate at Night

On autumn and spring evenings, hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of birds migrate across North America. Cutting-edge recording devices are capturing the tiny chips and chirps these birds make while in flight, helping conservationists plot a protected course. Read more.


10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Birds

The many ways in which wild birds enrich our lives—and in fact support our very existence. Read more.


Stemming the Tide

Five million shorebirds, of 60 species, stream north from Australia and New Zealand every spring over featureless ocean toward their breeding grounds, some going as far as the Arctic. Many rest and refuel along the shorelines of China's Yellow Sea, the same stretches that are increasingly being converted to ports, industrial complexes, aquaculture enclosures, and residences. Now, scientists and activists are racing to save critical habitat for migratory shorebirds, before it's too late. Read more.


Out of the Shadows

Whether exploring dark, wet caves in Colorado or crossing paths with Montana's grizzlies, a dedicated band of scientists and volunteers is determined to solve the mystery of one of the most elusive birds on earth, the black swift. Read more.

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