DIY: Reweave Your Beach Chair


If you imagine your summer filled with days lounging on the beach, but the chairs you know you’ll be sitting on are coming apart, save money and cut back on waste by reweaving them yourself.

Those metal framed, foldable chairs can cost as much as $40, so instead of buying a new one when a few strips begin to fray, buy nylon webbing for beach or lawn chairs for as little as $1.50. You can find the webbing at hardware stores, some all-purpose stores, and on eBay.

Once you have the webbing, you can start the reweaving.

1) Remove the broken or frayed strips.

2) Cut a piece of webbing that’s about the same length as the piece you want to replace.

3) Weave the webbing through the remaining strips.

4) Fold down the end.

5) Turn the screw through the fabric at the point where you want it to go into the hole.

6) Take a screwdriver and turn the screw into the frame.

Nylon webbing isn't the only material you can use. One man I heard about recently salvaged metal chair frames from the dump, macramed new seats, and sold the chairs on the side of the road. He even offered a 20-year guarantee (and he was in his 90s).

Once you’ve replaced the strips, fold up your chair and head to the beach with the knowledge that you just saved yourself money and reduced the amount of waste headed to the landfill. Happy sunbathing!

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