Tip for Holiday Greenness

Sure the holidays are a time for giving and gifts and loads of cheer. But they’re also a time when we generate an enormous amount of waste—25 million tons of garbage, to be exact. That’s a quarter more from Thanksgiving through New Year’s than any other period all year long, according to Use Less Stuff.

But Audubon’s TogetherGreen program and Toyota have some great tips to “reduce, reuse, and recycle your way into the New Year.”

Here are four (for more, click on the beautiful infographic):

1. Wrapping: Use alternative materials such as newspaper or scrap paper with holiday-themed stencils.
2. Shopping bags: This holiday season, tell store clerks “No thanks” and bring your own canvas or cloth tote.
3. Lights: Switch to LED lights to use 80-90 percent less electricity.
4. Cards: Switch to free electronic cards to reduce your impact. 

Happy waste-free holidays!

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