Common Birds in Decline

Common Grackle
Howard B. Eskin

Common Grackle

Welcome to the Common Birds in Decline press room. This analysis is the first in a new series of Audubon reports that will continually update the State of the Birds.

The story of Common Birds in Decline will be of interest, not just to bird watchers, but to all who care about what this disturbing trend indicates about the health of the environment we share with birds and other wildlife.

Audubon's Science and Communications staff are eager to assist you in bringing this important story to your audience.

Along with the national findings announced on June 14, 2007, state-by-state information on bird species in decline is available below. Audio from the June 14 national press teleconference is also available for downloading below.


The following are the 20 common North American birds with the greatest population declines since 1967. Click on the word 'Photo' to view and download a high resolution, printable image. Photos may be published in connection with coverage of Common Birds in Decline and must be accompanied by the photographer's name. Click on the species name to view its profile. Use the audio links below to download its bird call. All sounds must be credited to Lang Elliot, Nature Sound Studios. Broadcast-quality b-roll of several species may also be downloaded from


#1 Northern Bobwhite 
Photo by: Ashok Khosla

#2 Evening Grosbeak 
Photo by: Dave Menke, FWS

#3 Northern Pintail 
Photo by: Howard B. Eskin

#4 Greater Scaup 
Photo by: Donna Dewhurst, FWS

#5 Boreal Chickadee 
Photo by: Jeremy Yancey

#6 Eastern Meadowlark 
Photo by: Laura Erickson

#7 Common Tern 
Photo by: Glen Tepke

#8 Loggerhead Shrike 
Photo by: Gary Stolz, FWS

#9 Field Sparrow 
Photo by: Howard B. Eskin

#10 Grasshopper Sparrow 
Photo by: Laura Erickson

#11 Snow Bunting 
Photo by: Donna Dewhurst, FWS

#12 Black-throated Sparrow 
Photo by: Brad Fiero

#13 Lark Sparrow 
Photo by: Glen Tepke

#14 Common Grackle 
Photo by: Howard B. Eskin

#15 American Bittern 
Photo by: Gary Zahm, FWS

#16 Rufous Hummingbird 
Photo by: Howard B. Eskin

#17 Whip-poor-will 
Photo by: John Cassady

#18 Horned Lark 
Photo by: George Jameson

#19 Little Blue Heron 
Photo by: Laura Erickson

#20 Ruffed Grouse 
Photo by: Laura Erickson

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