Photo of the Day

A Northern Cardinal's Wintry Mix

A Northern Cardinal's Wintry Mix

— Karen Bacon finds this shock of red in the fresh powder.

Photo of the Day: Carolina Chickadee

— Linda Hoopes gets to know a playful chickadee. 

Photo of the Day: Mute Swan

— Patrick Dennen snaps a sleepy cygnet.

Photo of the Day: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

— The light falls just right in Melanie Gloster’s backyard.

Photo of the Day: Brown Pelican

— Catherine Dalessio manages to get a clear photo on a cloudy day.

Photo of the Day: Fawn-breasted Brilliant Hummingbird

— Mark Thomas uses strobes to create a hummingbird silhouette.  

Photo of the Day: Sword-billed Hummingbird

— Mark Thomas waits patiently for the sword-billed hummingbird to feed on a flower.

Photo of the Day: Adelie Penguins

— Catherine Dalessio photographs Adelie penguins on an unstable iceberg.

Photo of the Day: Great Horned Owl

— On the third night, Hector Astorga gets his reward.

Photo of the Day: Atlantic Puffin

— Ted Ellis's moxie takes him to no-man's land.