Thank You Audubon Supporters

Tim Bowman USFWS

The Brant is one of many birds protected by Audubon's efforts in Alaska.

This has been a great year for birds...and we are so grateful to you! This Thanksgiving, we thought we'd share just a sampling of the many conservation successes we've celebrated this year.

Audubon is as vibrant and energetic as ever, thanks to passionate and engaged members like you. You deserve to be proud.

From our family to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving,

David Yarnold
President & CEO
National Audubon Society



11 Million Acres Saved in Alaska. The Interior Department announced protection for 11 million acres of critical Arctic bird habitat in Northwest Alaska. Many of our most familiar migratory birds began life in this vast wilderness of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

GBBC Goes Global. The Great Backyard Bird Count became a worldwide event in 2013. More than 104,000 people from 107 countries identified a staggering 4,004 species!

A "Stork Occasion" in the Everglades. Audubon and conservation partners reached a settlement that will prevent destruction of more than 1100 acres of wetlands adjacent to the renowned Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to the nation's largest breeding colony of endangered Wood Storks.

Western Rivers Action Network. All politics is local, a fact that underlay the launch of a new citizen action network to save endangered river habitats in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. At stake is habitat for priority birds like the Yellow-billed Cuckoo and vulnerable migrants like the Golden Eagle.

Hummingbirds at Home. Is climate change impacting hummingbird migration or breeding success? We've turned to citizen science for the answers by launching Hummingbirds at Home, a smartphone-based tracking project. In the first year, more than 8,400 volunteer spotters reported over 21,000 hummingbird sightings, adding critical intelligence to conservation efforts.

Saving the River of Raptors. Audubon Pennsylvania and allies won a 10-year battle to prevent construction of a huge car racing resort on the Kittatinny Ridge. The ridge is a critical migratory path for millions of hawks and eagles and is home to the world-famous Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

Thank you! Here's to even bigger successes in 2014!