Osprey Babies First Moments

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Osprey pair Rachel and Steve make their summer home atop a 30 foot tower located at the Audubon Camp in Maine on Hog Island. Ospreys are birds of prey that rely almost entirely on fish, so they nest and raise their chicks near water. They return to Hog Island each year in early April after wintering in South America. 

Rachel (recognized by the striped necklace pattern on her breast) laid the first of three eggs on April 29th. She does most of the incubation (sitting on the eggs), while Steve often feeds her at the nest. After weeks of expectation, Rachel and Steve's vigilance paid off. Born within a day of one another, two of the three eggs crack open in this video to reveal brand new baby chicks.  

The three chicks, Sky, Sibley & Ollie have grown up fast. Watch them live here: http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/live-osprey-cam before they fly away!