Women in Conservation

Women in Conservation 2017 Awards Council. Photo: Camilla Cerea/Audubon

Women in Conservation Mission Statement

"To recognize outstanding women leaders in today's conservation movement; 
to support environmental opportunities for girls and young women; 
and to educate women on important issues related to conservation and the environment."

Welcome to Audubon's Women in Conservation website where you will meet some of the most influential and important women in today's American conservation and environmental world. The immense talent, expertise and energy of these women is changing everything, advancing the goals and meeting the challenges of our ever more important environmental movement.

Women have long played a leading role in the environment. Among the earliest American conservationists was Harriet Hemenway, who in 1896 brought her friends together to defend birds from being slaughtered for their plumes' use in fashion. In doing so, she helped to found the Audubon Society, now over one hundred years old and one of the most effective conservation organizations in the world.

Audubon’s Women in Conservation strives to celebrate the incredible work of female conservationists and environmentalists through the prestigious Rachel Carson Award, and to empower future female leaders through its work in schools and Professional Development for Young Women. In addition to the prestigious Rachel Carson Award, the Women in Conservation program also offers a prominent Professional Development for Young Women which will provide young women with opportunities to create their own impact in the environmental world.

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