How to Be a Climate Hero

Audubon's Birds and Climate Change Report shows that than more than 300 species of birds are at risk from climate change. Audubon chapters, centers, and members are taking action to help these birds and reduce carbon pollution. They're advocating for renewable energy, growing native plants to help birds adapt, tracking how birds are responding to the changing climate, and working with decision-makers to find solutions that benefit birds and people.

How Our Network Is Taking Action

Native Plants

To Turn a Schoolyard Into an Outdoor Classroom, Just Add Native Plants

With the help of Audubon Minnesota and some controlled fires, a local school recently restored an overgrown field into original prairie habitat.

Audubon Volunteers Are Counting Bluebirds and Nuthatches to Better Understand Climate Change

A pilot program called Climate Watch aims to use on-the-ground observations to validate Audubon’s climate modeling, which predicts how birds’ territory ranges will shift in response to a changing climate.
Audubon Climate Heroes

Can A Little Bird's Big-Screen Debut Help Tackle Climate Change?

A new video on Wood Thrush migration rallies activists in North Carolina and Belize.
Audubon Climate Heroes

Three Fun Ways People Are Spreading the Word on Climate Change

These offbeat projects are raising awareness about climate-threatened birds—and getting artsy in the process.
Climate Solutions

Can Solar Plants Make Good Bird Habitat?

A proposed state law could turn Minnesota's solar gardens into actual gardens for native birds and pollinators.
Audubon Climate Heroes

Barn Owls See a Housing Boom in Walla Walla, Washington

Birders, inmates, winemakers, and farmers are installing nest boxes to boost bird-powered rodent control.

What You Can Do

Native Plants

How to Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly

Make your yard or patio a safe haven for birds in the face of climate change. Native plants provide ideal habitat and food.
Talk Turkey

Spread the Word on Climate

Talking to friends and family about climate change is an effective way to help. This simple guide will get you started.
Big Picture

Take Five Steps to Help Threatened Birds

The birds at risk from climate change need our help. Here’s what you can do in your community and beyond.

Where to Learn More

Climate-Threatened Birds

Check Out 10 Cool Facts

How is a hummingbird like a Ferrari? Plus more weird facts about climate-threatened birds.

See Why Birds Are on the Move

Our changing climate is affecting the habitats where birds live, what they eat, and how they migrate.

Half of North American Birds Are at Risk

Audubon's Birds and Climate Change Report shows that climate change threatens about half of North American birds.