It's Time To Go Solar.

Climate change is the #1 threat to birds. You can help by going solar.

The future looks bright for solar power. More than 1 million homes across the United States now run on energy generated by rooftop solar panels, and a new system is installed every four minutes. Solar panels are cheaper than they’ve ever been; installation costs have dropped by 70 percent in the last decade. And because solar is growing in popularity and declining in cost, more companies offer services that make rooftop installation easy.

That’s great news for all of us—and for birds, too. Climate change is the number one threat to U.S. birds, according to Audubon scientists, and to combat that threat, we need to end our reliance on fossil fuels that produce carbon pollution. With solar power more accessible than ever, many people can now do their part to transition to cleaner sources of energy at home, and save money on electricity bills in the long run.

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Why Solar Power Is Good for Birds

Solar energy is a boon for the environment, but some methods can be harmful to birds and other wildlife. Here's how to go solar safely.

Solar Power: Frequently Asked Questions

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Climate Solutions

Can Solar Plants Make Good Bird Habitat?

A proposed state law could turn Minnesota's solar gardens into actual gardens for native birds and pollinators.
Climate Solutions

Audubon California Helps Improve Apple’s Solar Farm

Sure, green energy is great—but not when it’s plopped in the middle of pristine habitat.
Audubon Climate Heroes

Kicking the Carbon Habit for Good

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania is tapping solar and wind power, green buildings, and more to take its carbon pollution down to zero.

Climate Change News

Renewable Energy

Audubon Settlement Improves Protections for Golden Eagles in California’s Altamont Pass

By Mike Lynes
May 16, 2023 — Important concessions will reduce risks to birds while allowing for wind energy development needed to act on climate.
A wood thrush sitting on a branch with its beak open.

New EPA Proposal Would be Key to Achieving Climate Goals for Birds and People

By National Audubon Society
May 11, 2023 — Climate pollution standards would reduce emissions from power plants to slow global temperature rise.
Renewable Energy

Congress Must Maintain Historic Climate and Economic Progress

By National Audubon Society
April 20, 2023 — A plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling would reverse job-creating tax incentives and jeopardize climate and conservation protections.

Using Science to Craft Conservation Policy that Emphasizes Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

By Sarah Saunders and Mariah Meek
April 18, 2023 — As the Biden Administration implements the America the Beautiful initiative, a new study identifies areas most likely to provide refuge for plants and wildlife as temperatures warm.
Audubon in Action

Audubon Events Marking Earth Day 2023

By National Audubon Society
April 12, 2023 — Across the Audubon network, state offices and chapters are marking Earth Day on and around April 22.

Why Climate Matters for Birds, on Earth Day and Every Day

By Sarah Rose
April 10, 2023 — Audubon is protecting birds and the places they need in a climate-altered world.

As Storms Grow Stronger, a Historic Building Gains Height to Stay Dry

By Kathryn Miles
March 28, 2023 — Rather than abandon the 19th-century structure, staff at Hog Island Audubon Camp have elevated the Queen Mary by three feet.
A Northern Gannet flies toward camera with grass in its beak.
Renewable Energy

What Offshore Wind Energy Can Teach Us About Seabirds

By James Christopher Haney
March 10, 2023 — We’re learning more about seabirds from the monitoring studies required for offshore wind energy development.

Here’s What the Inflation Reduction Act Can Do for You

By Susan Cosier
February 16, 2023 — Whether you’re a driver, a homeowner, or a renter, take advantage of the cost-saving upgrades the landmark legislation offers.
Renewable Energy

Minnesota’s New Carbon-Free Energy Plan is a Win for Birds and People

By National Audubon Society
February 07, 2023 — The state is the latest to adopt 100 percent clean energy goals.