Coasts Advocacy

You can help us protect birds and the places they need.

Audubon's Grassroots Organizing

Audubon is building a network of bipartisan advocates for climate solutions. By engaging with our 1.8 million members, and the more than 45 million Americans who consider themselves birders, we make complex environmental impacts tangible, and national and global issues local. Audubon brings people together to take action through their passion for birds: stewarding a beach to protect nesting shorebirds, planting native gardens that support bird populations, participating in a Christmas Bird Count or taking a bird walk at a local Audubon nature center. Each activity can provide a window into the impacts of a changing climate on the birds we care about.


To learn more about Audubon's Campaigns strategy, visit conservation campaigns.

We believe that people have the power to make a difference for birds. Across the country, birders are building grassroots power to forge a safe and sustainable future on our coasts.

Marine and coastal birds face daunting challenges to their survival at every stage of their life cycle, including overfishing, pollution, rapidly warming ocean water, and habitat loss. It’s going to take the power of people to push forward the bold solutions needed to keep our coasts beautiful, resilient, and safe. Together, we can take on the challenge.

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