Coleman Burke

Board Member

Coleman Burke, of New York, NY, is the founder of the Waterfront Companies, a commercial real estate company situated in four states: New York, Massachusetts, Maine, and Colorado. He has spent 40 years on environmental matters, serving on the Leadership Council of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, as a director of The National Forest Foundation, and as a trustee of The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, among others. He is the Founder of The Susan and Coleman Burke Foundation. He is an avid dinosaur bone hunter and a fly fisherman, camping in the wilds of Argentine Patagonia and the American West. He is fascinated by condors in the Andes and by migratory birds, especially Ospreys, which he tracks to South America from Nantucket and from New York City’s Jamaica Bay. As a member of the Explorers Club, he has led two flag expeditions for dinosaurs in the Santa Cruz Province in Argentina and explored rivers in Tierra del Fuego.