Gary Langham

Vice President, Chief Scientist

Gary Langham was appointed Chief Scientist for the National Audubon Society in June, 2011. Gary previously served as the lead scientist for Audubon California for almost five years. In that role, he worked to guide conservation planning, launch new projects, and provide project management. He worked closely with marketing, policy and development on statewide issues and was supervisor for many programs, including Important Bird Areas, Migratory Bird Conservation Program, Seabird Conservation, Landowner Stewardship Program, Kern River Preserve, Starr Ranch Sanctuary and Audubon Bobcat Ranch. His current projects include:

  • Bird and Climate Change Modeling in California, now expanding to 600 species across the lower 48 states with a new grant from the USFWS;
  • Barrow to Baja initiative, to identify marine Important Birds Areas from Alaska through Baja, Mexico;
  • Partnering with three Audubon Chapters to monitor and conserve Western and Clark's Grebes on four lakes;
  • State agency and Department of Defense conservation contracts for Snowy Plovers, Least Terns and Great Gray Owls.


North American representative, Global Seabird Program, BirdLife International (2009 - present); Ornithology instructor, University of California, Berkeley (2007); Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NSF Interdisciplinary Informatics, University of California, Berkeley (2003 - 2006); John M. and Emily B. Clark Award for Distinguished Teaching at Cornell University (2003); Founding President, Neotropical Grassland Conservancy (2000 - present)


Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
          Advisors: David W. Winkler and John W. Fitzpatrick

B.Sc., Biology/English (double major), Sacramento State University