John Beavers

Vice President, International Alliances Program

John Beavers leads Audubon's international conservation efforts which focus on protecting key bird habitats and biodiversity in Latin America and the Caribbean to help carryout full lifecycle conservation for migratory birds. Beavers' team works with local partners in ten countries to bring institutional capacity building, on-the-ground conservation support, science, high-level policy, advocacy, and outreach to local conservation efforts. Since joining Audubon, Beavers' biggest successes include raising $3.2 million in new government and foundation funding, including a $2.6 million bird-based-tourism partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the launch of a new international conservation strategy that is now guiding Audubon's efforts across the Americas.

Based on the new strategy, IAP is empowering a suite of local partners to lead independent and sustainable conservation work, and forging new long-term agreements with these partners to conserve 100 IBA's throughout the Americas. Examples of high-level conservation strategies developed with local partners include a Hemispheric Grasslands Alliance to improve critical grasslands habitats from Mexico to Argentina and a citizen science project involving Centers, Chapters, and State Programs to map the full-life cycles of priority species for Audubon.

Living in Guatemala for 16 years, Beavers developed a deep understanding of how international cooperation and partnerships can help achieve significant conservation results in Latin America. Before joining Audubon, Beavers worked at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) as the Country Director for Guatemala, Director for Central America, and the Associate Director of Conservation Programs for Latin America. During his time at TNC he led the negotiation of a $24.4 million debt-swap for conservation between Guatemala and the United States and successfully completed projects ranging from land acquisitions to a climate change mitigation project with a major U.S. energy company.


M.Sc. in Resource Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

B.A. in Political Science, Rutgers University