Sarah Jeffords, of New York, New York, retired as an attorney after working for the City of New York and New York Transit Authority for 20 years. Having spent most of her youth between upstate New York and Pennsylvania, Sarah (Sally) nurtured a love of nature, including birds, while exploring the outdoors on horseback with her family. After reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring as a teenager, Sally had a life-changing moment: She was inspired to get involved with environmental conservation and, in particular, efforts to save land from development. Through her family foundation, Sally has been involved with the National Audubon Society since the 1980s. She currently serves as the vice chair of Audubon New York’s Board of Directors as well as a board member of the Seabird Restoration Institute and New York City Audubon Chapter. An active community member, Sally is also a trustee of Unity College in Maine; a member of the Friends of Hog Island in Maine; and Chair of the Steering Committee of the Friends of American Arts at Yale, another of her lifelong passions.

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