A Greater Sage-Grouse stands near Pinedale, Wyoming, in an area being developed for natural gas drilling. Joel Sartore

Department of the Interior Reveals Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plans

— The Bureau of Land Management announced plans to maintain habitat for the Greater Sage-Grouse while still fostering the Western economy.

What’s Up With the Greater Sage-Grouse?

— A definitive guide to the most talked-about bird in the West.
The updated MBTA will protect birds from threats such as wind turbines. Cameron Davidson/Corbis

How to Protect Birds from 21st Century Threats

— There are already some easy ways to help keep birds safe.
Charlie, pictured here, is the 500th Bald Eagle to be rehabilitated and released. courtesy of Audubon Center for Birds of Prey

Free Bird No. 500

— Learn more about Charlie, the latest Bald Eagle to be returned to the wild by Audubon’s raptor rehabilitation center in Florida.
A policeman holds a water bottle used to smuggle a Yellow-crested Cockatoo in Surabaya, Indonesia, on May 4. Risyal Hidayat/REUTERS/Antara Foto

Birds in Small Spaces

— Wildlife organizations are looking for innovative ways to keep birds out of bottles and cages.
Shell has brokered a deal to dock their oil tankers at the Port of Seattle, pictured here. Cam-Fu/Flickr Creative Commons

Seattle Mayor Shuts Out Shell

— The oil company wants to use a Seattle port to dock its oil tanks, but the Emerald City is closing its doors.
Shell cleared another hurdle today to start drilling in the Chukchi Sea, pictured here. GM Photo Images/Alamy

Shell Gains Approval to Drill in the Arctic

— The oil company could begin exploratory drilling as early as this summer.

Crowd-Funding To Keep Three Birds’ Extinction at Bay

— Australian birds facing evolutionary annihilation can tweet a sigh of relief thanks to a big gift from fellow Aussies.
On April 4, conservation organizations mobilized volunteers on New Jersey's South Reed's Beach to build a 300-foot "oyster castle" out of conch shells. The man-made reef will make the water more welcoming to horseshoe crabs and shorebirds. Ben Mirin

Red Knot Rescue

— To save Delaware Bay for migrating shorebirds, conservationists recruit residents in the area to build an oyster reef for horseshoe crabs.

Restoring an Angry Bird Paradise

— The popular video game partners with BirdLife International to save real Pacific Island habitat.