Rolling the Dice on Cuckoos

— A new gambling market pegged to the iconic bird’s migration delivers for bettors and birds alike.

8 Ways to Keep Birds from Colliding with Drones

— And buildings, and airplanes, and wind turbines—there’s a lot in our sky to contend with.
Timber is loaded for export onto a ship in Thorne Bay, Prince Wales Island, Alaska. Melissa Farlow/National Geographic Creative

A Bad Deal in the Tongass

— Logging old-growth trees in our biggest national forest will hurt wildlife—and Americans’ wallets.
Common Cuckoo. Kieran Dodds

Last Hunt Standing

— Malta is the only country in Europe to still allow spring hunting of turtle doves and quail.
A Brown Pelican takes off from one of the last remaining islands on Cat Bay in March 2015. If the Cat Island restoration succeeds, these birds may nest there next year. Kelly Wagner/Vanishing Paradise

The Quest to Save a Pelican Rookery Decimated by Deepwater Horizon

— Five years after the BP oil spill, funds from the disaster will finally help restore Cat Island.

An Offset Program for Sage Grouse

— Buy a credit, save a sage-grouse. But some remain skeptical about the emerging market.

Global Study Reveals the Extent of Habitat Fragmentation

— Shattered forests are bad news for birds' survival.
A female Blackcap hangs from a gluey, sap-covered branch made by songbird poachers in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. The bird was released by activists from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter. David Guttenfelder/National Geographic/AP

Nearly a Million Songbirds Trapped in Cyprus's 'Killing Fields'

— Poachers grew gardens of acacia to conduct illegal activities on a British military base.
People who identified as hunters and birdwatchers were most likely to be involved in conservation, according to new research. Robert Schlesinger/Corbis

Three Cheers for Birders

— When it comes to conservation, birders take the cake.
Jerdon's Babbler. Robert Tizard /WCS

Rediscovering a Lost Babbler

— A small songbird from Myanmar hadn’t been spotted for decades.