Community solar

How to Get Solar Power Without Putting Panels on Your Roof

— Community solar offers clean energy options in many states, and its popularity is growing.

Kicking the Carbon Habit for Good

— Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania is tapping solar and wind power, green buildings, and more to take its carbon pollution down to zero.

Tar Sands Mining Hits the American West

— A plan is in place to open the first commercial mine in Utah.
The solar panels will be placed within the flat areas beyond the closest knoll seen here. Heath Bartosh/CNPS Rare Plant Program Committee member.

Audubon California Helps Improve Apple’s Solar Farm

— Sure, green energy is great—but not when it’s plopped in the middle of pristine habitat.

World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Could Shape Seabird Behavior

— Some birds dodge turbine blades, but others alter their routes to avoid them altogether.
Apple Data Center in Maiden, North Carolina. Xinhua/Eyevine/Redux.

What’s Wrong With Apple’s Solar Plans?

— The company has pledged to invest in a Monterey County solar project, but the plan could hurt birds.

9 New Ideas to Cut Carbon Emissions

— These solutions could stem emissions from food, fuel, and beyond.
Edel Rodriguez open season

Open Season

— With the unlocking of northern Mexico’s vast fuel deposits, there’s trouble on the horizon for wildlife.

Green Energy: Can We Save the Planet and Save Birds?

— Wildlife-smart wind power may be as close as it gets to "green energy." But over vast swaths of America, the "smart" part is still more hot air than reality--especially when it comes to raptors.

New Rule Is a Win for Wind, Blows for Eagles

— The government will grant permits allowing the industry to harm or kill the raptors for 30 years.