This site is a complex of lakes in the Adirondack region that have each
supported six or more adult loons in the breeding season. The lakes are
Lows Lake, Cranberry Lake, Lake Clear, South Lake, Woodhull Lake,
Honnedage Lake, Upper St. Regis Lake, Lake Bonaparte, Little Clear
Pond, Little Tupper Lake, Canachagala Lake, Little Moose Lake, Bay
Pond, Big Moose Lake, Little Long Pond, and Long Pond?Franklin

Ornithological Summary

Each lake within this complex has supported over six Common Loons
during the breeding season. The complex as a whole supports an
exceptional number of breeding Common Loons.

Conservation Issues

Potential factors impacting loon breeding success include lead poisoning,
acid rain, shoreline development, human disturbance, and lake
water levels. The Adirondack Cooperative Loon Program (ACLP),
a collaborative research and education effort, conducts research to
determine the status and trends in the Adirondack breeding loon
population, the impact of mercury contamination on this population?s
reproductive success, and the migratory patterns and wintering areas
of Adirondack loons. This work is coordinated with similar research
throughout northeastern North America to determine the effect of
mercury pollution and other factors on the breeding loon population
throughout the region. ACLP also seeks to minimize human impacts
on loon populations and other wildlife through a variety of public
education projects.

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