Located in northern Warren County at the New York state border, this area consists of swampy wetlands with emergent herbs and buttonbush, bordered by agriculture and brushy areas, and three artificial ponds. Included with this site is the adjoining Mahaffey Wetlands Conservation Area, a 40-acre parcel owned by the Northern Allegheny Conservation Association. Conewago Creek bisects the site and provides good habitat for Softshell Turtle. It is bordered by riparian forest. The area also contains species such as the Floating Pennyworth and Swamp White Oak. An abandoned railroad grade is used for a hiking trail. (PA Game Commission NW Region 814-432-3188).

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Ornithological Summary

A small but productive area for breeding wetland species, including endangered Least Bittern (approx. 2-4 pairs). Other breeding species include Pied-billed Grebe (3 pairs), Virginia Rail (5 pairs), Sora (5 pairs), and Common Moorhen (2 pairs). American Bittern are suspected breeding. Brushy areas have nesting warblers and other songbirds.Over 147 species of birds have been recorded in Akeley Wetlands since 1994.

Conservation Issues

Water level in the main wetland is regulated by beaver dams at the three outlets under the abandoned railroad grade. High water has killed trees in several areas and also along the edge of the woods on the north. Management should be aimed at assuring suitable water levels for wetland species and maintaining water quality and flows to prevent encroachment of invasive plants. Development surrounding the site is a potential threat.

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