This site is a very flat, rural area devoted to row crop agriculture. Known to be a traditional aggregating area for American Golden-plovers and pectoral sandpipers during spring migration, though use varies among years.

Ornithological Summary

Additional survey data suggest these areas receive intense use from American Golden-plovers throughout a month long staging period, not just on the single date of the surveys documented above. The Arcola area in particular, appears to be a discrete spatial area that is exceptionally important relative to the surrounding habitat in the region.

This site was chosen as an IBA because it met the criteria for a migratory stopover for shorebirds.

Conservation Issues

There is potential wind energy development in the area. The impacts of which are unknown. Installation of tile drainage is ongoing in these areas, which could reduce the availability of temporary, shallow water areas that are important to the plovers during their stopover.


60% Corn. 40% Soybean.

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