The Andreafsky Wilderness is located east of the Yukon Delta and includes much of the Andreafsky and East Fork drainages and southern extension of the Nulato Hills. The southern Nulato Hills consist of an upland area of northeast trending ridges from 300 to 1200 m in elevation with rounded mountains and gentle to steep slopes.

Ornithological Summary

The Andreafsky Wilderness is a vast area of rolling montane tundra that supports about 60% (2,500 pairs) of the world's breeding population of Bristle-thighed Curlews, a unique species of large upland nesting shorebird that is listed as "vulnerable" in the world list of threatened birds.

The Yukon Delta National Wildlide Refuge is recognized as being of Regional Importance by the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN).

Conservation Issues

No major threats. Subsistence harvest may pose a threat to breeding adults, while eggs and nests may be trampled occasionally by caribou in the area.


Ownership: Native (~3%); USFWS; BLM.


Dwarf shrub meadows; low shrub/tussock tundra; tall shrub; mixed shrub/thicket tunra; lichen meadow; shrub meadow/tundra.

Land Use

Occasional hunting and recreation (difficult terrain and difficult access to the area).

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