This site consists of privately owned agricultural grasslands in Cayuga
County on the eastern side of Cayuga Lake.

Ornithological Summary

Breeding at-risk species found at this site include the Northern
Harrier (possible), Upland Sandpiper (documented in the late 1980s
and early 1990s), Sedge Wren (territorial individuals in the late 1990s),
Grasshopper Sparrow (three in 1998-2003), and Henslow?s Sparrow
(observed through the late 1990s). Wintering at-risk species include the
Northern Harrier (8-15 in 1999-2002), Short-eared Owl (3-7 annually
in 1998-2002), and Horned Lark (2-30 in 1999-2002).

Conservation Issues

Threats to this area include vegetational succession and suburban
development. Lands in this area are for sale. Some of the land is
enrolled in a governmental grassland conservation program, and
further participation should be encouraged. Monitoring of at-risk
species should be implemented.

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