Ballard County Bottoms in Ballard County, Kentucky was certified as an Important Bird Area by the Kentucky IBA Technical Committee in September 2007. The Ballard County Bottoms IBA encompasses the Ohio River floodplain and associated terraces from the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, northeastward to just upstream of Colvin Lake, near Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky

The Ballard County Bottoms IBA is a mosaic of floodplain lakes and sloughs, bald cypress swamps and sloughs, bald cypress/water tupelo swamps, bottomland hardwood forests, and cleared agricultural land. It includes the following state-owned areas that have been purchased and are managed to preserve the unique species and natural communites occurring here: Ballard WMA, Boatwright WMA and Axe Alek State Nature Preserve. It includes the following natural features of significance: Swan Lake, Axe Lake/Axe Lake Swamp, Buck Lake Swamp, Fish Lake and Minor Lake.

Ballard WMA, Boatwright WMA and other areas have been developed to harbor populations of migratory and wintering waterfowl. The Ohio and Mississippi rivers are natural flyways for many species of birds, fro hummingbirds to bald eagles. Many species would have a difficult time surviving the yearly migration without the food and shelter of the Ballard County Bottoms.

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