This site includes the open waters of Barnegat Inlet, High Bar Harbor and the sandy beach of Barnegat Light State Park. The 32-acre state park features the historic, 172-foot tower of Barnegat Lighthouse, fondly known as ?Old Barney,? and a long jetty which combine to offer excellent views of wintering waterfowl and gulls at the mouth of the inlet. The area also has a small woodlot that supports a wide variety of songbirds during spring and fall migrations.

Ornithological Summary

Conservation Concern - Federally-threatened; State-endangered: Piping Plover (B)

Conservation Concern - Federally-endangered; State-endangered: Least Tern (B)

Significant Congregations of Waterfowl (W)

Significant Congregations-Exceptional Single Species Concentration: Harlequin Ducks (W)

Conservation Issues

Dogs, feral cats, and recreational use are major threats to beach nesting birds. Colonies of Least Terns and Black Skimmers are particularly susceptible to human disturbance. Disturbance is deterred with signage, fencing, regulation and nest exclosures.


NJ Division of Parks and Forestry
Barnegat Light State Park
Broadway, P.O. Box 617
Barnaegat Light, NJ, 08006
Phone: (609) 494-2016


Open water with beach/dune habitat

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