Bautista Creek drains the northwestern San Jacinto Mountains, west of and parallel to the Garner Valley. Notable more for its size and undisturbed qualities than for its bird community, this permanent stream supports strong populations of foothill riparian and woodland species.

Ornithological Summary

Bautista Creek is apparently important migration corridor for passerines moving up California from the Colorado Desert, specifically connecting the Anza-Borrego Region with the San Jacinto Valley. It supports a full compliment of breeding riparian species, including Least Bell's Vireo, Yellow Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat and Blue Grosbeak.

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Conservation Issues

This region is to the east of the main housing boom area of western Riverside County, though plans to site Indian casinos in the area north and south of Bautista Creek are moving forward, with accompanying road-widening plans. The residential sprawl of Hemet-San Jacinto will probably move southeast to affect this IBA, which currently receives no formal protection.


The creek is at least partially within San Bernardino National Forest.

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