This relatively large tract of BLM ground is dominated by the
state’s most extensive and highest quality sage-steppe habitat that is in
public ownership.  The vegetation is
short-grass to mixed-grass prairie. 
Common species include: western wheatgrass, blue grama, prickly pear,
silver sage, big sage, buffalo grass, and needleleaf sedge.   

Conservation Issues

The BLM recently revised its management plan to better
protect sage-grouse from energy development impacts.  However, the vast majority of this site is
already leased under pre-existing management rules.  Livestock grazing also has great potential to
influence habitat quality, specifically by influening the amount of residual
cover available in the sage steppe habitat. 
Generally speaking, the area has a lack of sufficient residual cover for
sage-grouse nesting.  A further threat is
invasive species, particularly annual bromes. 


The entire IBA is state school land managed by the ND Land

Land Use

The area is managed for livestock grazing as a means to
generate income to ND schools.  

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