State owned wildlife management area, characterized by lowlands and flood plains along 11 miles of the Altamaha River with some adjacent uplands. The bottomland hardwoods are the predominant vegetaion. Location is about 50 miles from the Georgia coast in the coastal plain.

Ornithological Summary

Sighting Source Key: 1=published reports,; 2=surveys (CBC; BBS; etc.); 3=personal observations; 4=other sources (specify)

Conservation Issues

Water pollution comes from industrial discharges up river from this site and run-off from agricultural pesticide use from farm lands, but the levels have not been determined and may not be affecting the wildlife at this time. Invasive species are probably occuring, but again, their level is unknown.


Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Region 6
Supervisor Tip Hon -229-426-5267
George Steele, Wildlife Biologist 229-685-4824
1773 A Bowen's Mill Hwy
Fitzgerald, Ga, 31750


This site has 86% deciduous forest of oaks, etc., mixed with some pine forest (about 10%) along with bottomlands and wetlands. It lies along the Altamaha River and is great habitat for swallowtail kites to roost.

Land Use

WMA -- hunting for game animals at seasonal times

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