Slough is a prairie pothole with an island which hosts a large colonial
waterbird and waterfowl breeding population. The slough is completely
surrounded, and protected by, a Game Production Area (GPA) which is managed as
upland duck and pheasant nesting habitat. 

Ornithological Summary

island in Blythe Slough is a traditional colonial waterbird and waterfowl
nesting site. The island usually has up to six tree-nesting waterbird species,
one or two gull species, and many waterfowl. Number of nesting waterbirds range
from 680 to 2100 pairs. In some years, a handful of American White Pelicans
also nest here. The upland areas are duck and pheasant breeding habitat.

Conservation Issues

Because of the large number of birds
nesting in a small area, disease is a threat. The planted trees upon which
the colonial waterbirds are nesting are dying and falling down.


This is a state-owned Game Production Area.

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