Bonney Butte is at the southern terminus of Surveyor's Ridge, which originates near Hood River, Oregon, south of the Columbia River Gorge. The ridge extends southward for approximately 50 km and ends southeast of Mt. Hood. Bonney Butte is a mostly bald knoll with a summit elevation of 1,754 m. The west slope drops approximately 725 m to the White River, whereas the east slope drops only 65 m to Bonney Meadows. The area within a 5-km radius of Bonney Butte is hemlock, fir and pine forest, except for Bonney Meadows and several clearcut tracts. Several huckleberry species occur in the area. The observation site is located on the highest point of the butte and provides a unique and important educational resource for the visiting public.

Ornithological Summary

Bonney Butte has been a HawkWatch International monitoring location since 1994. The season average for total raptors (1994-2001) is 2817 birds. The most numerous species observed are the Sharp-shinned Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, Turkey Vulture, and Golden Eagle, but up to 18 species of raptors have been observed in a single season. The fall 2010 count total was 3390 birds counted across 52 observation days.

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