Bottle Beach is located on the south shore of Gray's Harbor between the estuaries of Elk River and Johns River, about five kilometers east of Westport. The site includes about 155 hectares of terrestrial habitat composed of broad sandy beach, salt marsh, moist meadows, and approximately 575 hectares of intertidal mudflats immediately to the north and west.

Ornithological Summary

Bottle Beach and the adjacent tideflats are critical shorebird habitat during spring migration. This site is second in importance only to Bowerman Basin in the Gray's Harbor region. In spring, it supports about 16 percent of the shorebirds staging in Gray's Harbor. Major species are Western Sandpiper, Dunlin, dowitchers, and Red Knot. Shorebirds feed on the tideflats and roost in the salt marshes and wet meadows. In autumn and winter, shorebird numbers are much reduced, but still exceed the thresholds to qualify the site as an IBA.


2013 Assessment based on BLM Oregon/Washington Surface Management Ownership dataset ( and Washington Department of Natural Resources Aquatic Land Ownership Parcels (

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