Brockway Mountain is a bluff just inland from Lake Superior.

Ornithological Summary

Total of 15,034 diurnal raptors of 17 species observed in April and May 1992; 10,000+ raptors--could be raptor banding site with owner's permission. Most species not listed by name. Bald Eagles seen commonly and Perigrine Falcons occasionally migrate past (no specific numbers were given).
Note that while only 7498 Broad-winged Hawks were seen flying east, 8586 were seen flying west and east; also, Peacock's census did not cover entire raptor season (only 1 April-31 May).

Conservation Issues

One 220 ft. comunications towers is being proposed for Brockway Mountain as of Feb 2012, a 280 ft. tower at Lake Medora, and a 350 ft. tower with guy wires at Delaware-Mandan, pose a direct threat to migrating raptors and passerines, and potentially waterbirds, and should be closely monitored.

Wind turbine erection on the ridgetops at and surrounding Brockway Mountain pose a serious threat to migrating raptors, which closely hug the ridgeline and often fly below the peak. Development of the site could result if the property is sold.


Privately owned by Clyde Wescoat.


1 acre barren area surrounded by northern hardwoods, especially Red Oak.

Land Use


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