Brosnan Forest is located north and south of Hwy 78 between the towns of Pregnall and Dorchester, SC in upper Dorchester County. Privately owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad as a recreation, vacation and conference site for its employees, the site is primarily a 90 year-old longleaf pine forest. Ground cover is kept low by controlled burns that take place every other year. Much of the groundcover is undisturbed and contains wiregrass.

Ornithological Summary

Brosnan Forest has the largest population of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers on private land in South Carolin and the second largest population on private land throughout the birds' range.WatchListed birds, Bachman's Sparrow and Brown-headed Nuthatch are abundant. The WatchListed Prairie Warbler is present.

Conservation Issues

There are no current threats to Brosnan Forest.
Potential threats are air pollution, industrial and residential development and hurricanes.


Brosnan Forest is owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad as a recreation, vacation, conference site for its employees. A biologist and manager are employed to manage the ~70 Red-cockaded Woodpecker colonies.


Primarily Longleaf Pine Forest, typical of the coastal plain, Brosnan Forest has secondary habitat types of Deciduous Mixed Hardwoods and Cultivated Fields and open water.

Land Use

Brosnan Forest is primarily Longleaf Pine savannah, typical of the coastal plain. Deciduous woods, cultivated woods and recreation'tourism are secondary uses.

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