A ridge and swale area in a heavily developed area of Westchester
County. The two ridges that compose the bulk of the sanctuary run in a
north-south direction and are 700 or more feet in elevation. The hawk
watch takes place on an observation platform located at the highest
point (above 775') on the easternmost ridge. From the hawk watch,
Long Island Sound can be seen. This site is owned by The Nature

Ornithological Summary

The hawk watch counted a fall average of 12,630 hawks from 1993-
2001. The highest season total was 31,077 in 1986. Relatively high
numbers of Ospreys (642 in 1987), Sharp-shinned Hawks (4,942 in
1986), Broad-winged Hawks (23,069 in 1986), American Kestrels
(1,329 in 1989), and Merlins (86 in 1996) have been counted.
Fall migration Mixed species 11,508 ind. in 1993,
13,355 in 1994, 17,798 in 1995,
12,105 in 1996, 8,351 in 1997,
9,075 in 1998, 14,419 in 1999,
17,428 in 2000, 9,631 in 2001

Conservation Issues

Bedford Audubon Society has sponsored a hawk watch, which was
not conducted in 2003 and 2004, but is expected to resume in 2005.
Monitoring of hawks should continue. Bird monitoring in the
surrounding forests is recommended as well.

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