Important Bird Areas

Cape May Inlet/Cape May National Wildlife Refuge- Two Mile Beach Unit

New Jersey

This site consists of the open waters of Cape May Inlet, largely owned and maintained by the United States Coast Guard and the municipality of Cape May, and the Two Mile Beach Unit of the US Fish and Wildlife Service?s Cape May National Wildlife Refuge. The Two Mile Beach Unit contains approximately 500 acres of oceanfront beach, sand dunes, tidal salt marsh and one of the best remaining examples of maritime forest along the New Jersey coast. This IBA has been designated a Natural Heritage Priority Site by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Ornithological Summary

Conservation Concern ? Federally-threatened; State-endangered: Piping Plover (B)

Conservation Concern ? Federally-endangered; State-endangered: Least Tern (B)

Significant Migrant Stopover/Flyover-Shorebirds (FM)

Conservation Issues

Heavy recreational boat traffic throughout Cape May Inlet increases disturbance to nesting and foraging birds. Additionally, runoff and sewage input from dense coastal development contribute to water pollution. To reduce pedestrian traffic and protect nesting habitat for birds, the 0.7 mile stretch of Two Mile Beach is closed annually from mid-April to mid-October.


The site has a mix of ownerships that include the United States Coast Guard and part of the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge. Part of the site is Cape May municipal property.

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge
US Fish and Wildlife Service
24 Kimbles Beach Road
Cape May County Court House, NJ 08210


Primarily open water, beach and dune, shrub-scrub and mixed woods

Land Use

The site is primarily a refuge and wildlife management area. It is also used for a variety of recreational activities.