Carters Lake offers a diversity of habitats which contributes to a large number of bird species. Carters Lake impounds about 3200 acres of water on the Coosawatte River and the Reregulation Pool impounds 1000 acres. There are approximately 5000 acres of project land surrounding the lake. These habitats range from early successional, pine stands, mixed hardwoods, upland hardwoods, cove hardwoods, beaver ponds, rivers, streams and lakes. Management activities include supplemental plantings, conversion of 25 acres of tall fescue to native warm season grasses, a 5 acre waterfowl impoundment, nesting boxes, feeders, and various techniques to improve habitats.

Ornithological Summary

Sighting Source Key: 1=published reports,; 2=surveys (CBC; BBS; etc.); 3=personal observations; 4=other sources (specify)

Conservation Issues

Habitat conversion through invasive plants is a threat on site that is not listed above.

Water diversions is listed above as a threat; by that, hydrologic changes or changes to the water table is implied.


Land owner contact: LuAnn Lackey, Park Manager. P.O. Box 96, Oakman, GA 30732. (706) 334-2248

Land Use

The major recreational activities are camping, hiking, boating, birdwatching, etc. There is also a utility/right-of-way on site.

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