This small island of primarily freshwater wetland is located in the center of Bergen County, a heavily developed area of northeastern New Jersey. This municipally owned site is composed of a mix of freshwater wetland, deciduous forest, fallow fields and open water. The Fyke Nature Association, a volunteer group dedicated to preserving undeveloped tracts in Bergen County, manages the Celery Farm Natural Area with the Borough of Allendale.

Ornithological Summary

Conservation Concern - State-endangered: Red-shouldered Hawk (B)

Conservation Concern - State-threatened: Long-eared Owl (W)

Conservation Concern - State-special Concern: American Bittern (SM)

Conservation Concern - State-special Concern: Pied-billed Grebe (SM)

Conservation Issues

The site is actively managed to control invasive species. Nonnative flora occurring at the Celery Farm Natural Area includes purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) and multiflora-rose (Rosa multiflora). The NJ Department of Environmental Protection releases chrysomelid beetles at the site to control purple loosestrife. Multiflora-rose is controlled by mechanical removal. In an effort to protect water quality at the preserve, all storm drains leading to the site are marked with signs that read, ?No Dumping ? Drains to Celery Farm.? Volunteers from the Fyke Nature Association are responsible for maintaining footpaths around the preserve, three observation platforms and the nesting boxes.


Owned by:
Borough of Allendale
Individual Contact:
Stiles Thomas (Marsh Warden)
500 West Cresent Ave.
Allendale, NJ


Primarily nontidal wetland with a mix of upland forest and shrub-scrub habitat

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