Chagvan Bay is a small, mostly intertidal embayment in the southern end of Kuskokwim Bay, just north of Cape Newenham. It is fed by the Kinegnak and Unaluk rivers and the Kookukluk Creek. A 4 km-long spit extends from the north, enclosing most of the bay.

About 95% of the bay is within the Cape Newenham State Game Refuge and all is within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.

Ornithological Summary

Fourteen species of shorebirds regularly occur on the area in numbers approaching 25,000 individuals.
Information on population numbers of species staging in Nanvak, Chagvan, Goodnews Bays (proportions of birds staging in each bay is 35%, 60% and 5% respectively C.Dau, pers. com) during spring and autumn migration are provided in Petersen et al. (1991)

surveys for sea ducks/waterfowl conducted 1980-2001.

years for shorebirds unknown

total sandpipers: spr/sum/aut: 25,000; A4iii,A3.

Conservation Issues

Pollution with arsenic and other chemical byproducts of gold/platinum mining. Increasing risk of pollution due to a spill of transported oil products

Bycatch of Steller's Eiders in near shore areas as a result of gill net fishery.

Increased consumptive use through hunting.


Inshore waters, Eeel grass beds, Vegetated intertidal, Sand/gravel shoreline, Graminoid senge meadows, and Intertidal mud/sandflats

Shoreline 30 km
Barrier beach/spit 5 km
Vegetated intertidal 17 km
Unvegetated intertidal 31 km

Land Use

Mining for gold and platinum

Urban/industrial/ transport

HuntingBarge traffic

Commercial fishing gill net fishery

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