Chainshot Island is a natural estuarine island located in Core Sound near Cedar Island. It is one of four islands in northern Core Sound protected and managed by Audubon North Carolina. The island is primarily marsh and small shrub thickets surrounded by shallow water and seagrass.

Ornithological Summary

The site supports a small mixed-species heron colony during most years. In some years the site may have 75 or more pairs of wading birds; in other years it may have very few. Black-crowned Night-Herons are the most abundant species. Forster?s and Common Terns nest on the island in some years. One pair of nesting Black Ducks can be found during most years.

Conservation Issues

Erosion, disturbance to nesting birds.

The island is posted, patrolled, and entirely off limits to visitors during the nesting season, from April 1 to August 31. Disturbance to nesting birds is a concern and can result in egg or chick loss, nest abandonment, and colony abandonment. The island is also eroding, which jeopardizes its future.


The site is managed and protected by Audubon North Carolina.


Saltmarsh, shrub thicket.

Land Use

wildlife conservation

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